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Industrial Knives

NEWSMART(NANTONG)GROUP is a professional manufacturer of industrial blade &knife in China mainland. We are certified in accordance with the EN ISO9001 quality management system. Our products are exported to many countries such as Europe,USA, Australia,etc. and enjoy a good reputation.

Our products are mainly used in the following industries:
Paper Industry: transverse cutting machine blade, spiral blade, swing blade, paper single cutter, slotter knife, paper cutter, three knife trimmer knife, saddle-stitched blade.
Plastic & Rubber Industry : bag-making blade, hot cut-knife, tooth-shaped blade, continuous bag blade, plastic crusher blade, granular knife, SMC machine blade.
Electronic Industry :Cu & Al foil blade, silicon steel blade
Wooden Industry : wood planning tool, chipping knife, cutting plate blade, whirling blade, wood milling blade, pole blade, bamboo cut-knife
Chinese Medicine:slicing blade, crusher knife
Leather & Shoe Industry :skiving blade, bottom blade, cut blade, trimming blade, level cut-knife, binder blade
Special blade used in textile machine and package machine

We can design and manufacture completely based on customers' requirement.




Bag-making Blade
Lable Printing Blade


Tooth-shaped Blade
Packing&Printing Blade

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