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Plant Profile

Casting Plant

Our casting plant can produce nodular cast iron, gray cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and so on. We have Wax Pattern Maker, 2 sets of Medium Frequency Furnaces(120KW), 2 sets of Heat Treatment Furnaces, 2 sets of High Pressure Blasting Machine, 4 sets of Rough Machining Lathes, and relevant Inspection Equipments. We have 20 technicians (5 senior engineers) and 100 workers in this plant.

Forging Plant

Our forging plant is professional in mold forging, and free forging. We have Pneumatic Hammers (600kg and 1000kg), Friction Screw Press (800T), Hydraulic press(3600T), 4 sets of 2.5 M Vertical Lathes,  2 sets of 14 M Horizontal Lathes, 2 sets of 10 M Lathes, 10 M vertical pit furnace, and a Physics and Chemistry lab with Inspection Equipment. We have 100 technicians (20 senior engineers) and 220 workers in this plant.

Sheet Metal Plant

Our sheet metal plant is professional in cutting, bending, welding and stamping . We have CNC Cutting Machine, Plate Shearing Machine (2.5 M x 6 MM), Bending Machine (2.5 M x 63 T),  Punching Machine, Welding Machine, and several Surface Treatment Equipment Surface Treatment Equipment (Acid Pickling, Parkerizing, Plastic Spraying, Painting, Galvanizing, and chrome plating ).   We have 30 technicians and 150 workers in this plant.

Precision Machining Plant

Our precision machining plant is professional in Shaft, Bushing, Gear, Case, and so on. We have 4 sets of  Lathes (C6140 x 1500, and C6136), 2 sets of Meter Lathe, 1 set of 7C53 Vertical Milling Machine, 2 sets of x6325 Radial Universal Milling Machine, 2 sets of  Drilling Machine, 1 set of M7130 Surface Grinder, 1 set of M131W Universal Cylindrical Grinder, 2 sets of Linear Cutting Machine, 1 set of T68 Boring Lathe, 2 sets of Hobbing Machine, 2 sets of Y54 Gear Shaping Machine, and 1 set of Vertical Machining Centre. The heat treatment will deal with in above other plants. We have 80 technicians (8 senior engineers) and 250 workers in this plant.

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